Weekly Poll – “Can UW Really Run the Table”

MADISON, Wis–  The hype for the Badgers has been off the charts since the news broke Monday morning that Russell Wilson will be wearing Cardinal and White this fall.  Now to some national pundits the talks of a BCS Title game and perfect season seem to be the

"Can Bucky really run the table"

expectations for Wisconsin.  Some are also saying Russell Wilson has to be considered a Heisman front-runner.  Now that all sounds amazing, trust me it’s awesome that the Badgers are getting some serious love around the nation before the season for once, but it’s still only July 1st!  The Badgers haven’t had these type of expectations maybe ever in the history of the program, so it’s a lot to expect.  However it’s a very reachable expectation of you really breakdown the schedule.  Now does the month of October look very tough, no question about it, but if you really look at the month of October a little deeper it really comes down to two games at Ohio State and at Michigan State.  Some of you just said to yourself this guy is crazy, how does he not figure Nebraska is going to be a tough game!  It is, but let’s be honest if I was a betting man I’m taking UW at night at Camp Randal against anyone, yes anyone!!  So yeah it’s tough but I’ll be shocked if UW doesn’t win that game, but the two back to back road games will be the deciding games.  I’m sure they will win one of them, but I still can’t bring myself around to saying they will win both.  So this weeks poll is: Will Wisconsin go 12 – 0, I’ve just told you I feel they will not, don’t get me wrong it wouldn’t shock me, and once I see them on the field my perception may change, but right now I’m penciling UW down for a 11 – 1 record and a return trip to the Rose Bowl.  Now you’ve heard my answer, now it’s your time to vote, let’s see what the majority of UW fans are thinking!


“Poll the Fans”

Each week we will post a weekly “Wisconsin Badger Poll the Fans” article!  Each week I will give my take on the poll, and give some insights on my vote.  This week we are asking all of you your expectations for the Badger football team this year.  I understand it’s very early to make any predictions, but since we’ve all seen or heard about the Spring Game I feel it’s a good idea to poll you now and then again maybe right before the season.  My take on the Badgers to this point is that they are 3 loss team, and will go to a pretty good bowl but not a New Years Day bowl.  The Badgers defense will be as good as anyone in the Big Ten, and their running game will be tops, but like all recent Badger teams they need good play from the QB position, and I still can’t get rid of the horrible taste in my mouth from the performance or lack there of from all the QB’s in the Spring Game.  Of course the coaches and some media members will make excuses  for the play of the QB’s this spring, but the fact of the matter it was extremely ugly, and that’s putting it nice!  So please take a second to vote, share the poll on Twitter and Facebook, and please leave comments to give your reasons for your vote!

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